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Studies and analyses

  • We monitor changes in nutrition and physical activity through regular surveys:   

- Health Behaviour among Estonian Adults (TKU) survey

- Health Behaviour in School-aged Children in Estonia (HBSC)

- Population Nutrition Survey

- Estonian Schoolchildren's Growth Survey as part of the WHO European Childhood Obesity Surveillance Initiative (COSI).

- Packaging-based mapping of salt, sugars and saturated fatty acids

We also carry out studies with a narrower focus. See the nutrition survey reports or search for data in the health statistics database.

Health promotion and prevention

  • Contributing to nutrition and physical activity legislation and policy making.
  • Raising people's awareness of balanced and varied diets, as well as the need for physical activity.
  • Providing guidance on how to create a health-promoting environment in communities, childcare facilities and workplaces.
  • Engaging in activities to improve food composition and marketing of food aimed at children to support the accessibility of healthier food choices.
  • We are the authors of the national dietary and physical activity recommendations and lead the regular process of updating them in line with the Nordic dietary recommendations.
  • We are involved in the implementation process of the evidence-based treatment guideline "Treatment of overweight or obese patients in primary care".
  • Developing and managing the Nutridata nutrition information system, which consists of four parts: a nutrition program (including the possibility to use sample menus), a food composition database, a product calculation and input program, a nutrition survey questionnaire program.
  • Participating in the work of the Commission for the authorisation of the profession of nutrition counsellor and nutrition therapist.

Training and information activities

  • Producing and disseminating information materials on nutrition and physical activity targeted at the general population.
  • Campaigns on balanced and varied diets.
  • Managing the websites (on nutrition), (on parenting) and the portal (health information) for health professionals.
  • Producing and publishing publications, methodological and guidance materials for professionals.
  • Carrying out training and information days for nutrition and physical activity professionals.
  • Providing evidence-based information to decision-makers, opinion leaders and policy makers.

Activities and objectives in the field of nutrition and physical activity are agreed in the Population Health Development Plan 2020-2030.

Our activities are also guided by the principles agreed in the Green Paper on Diet and Physical Activity and the European Commission's Farm to Plate Strategy.