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About us

The National Institute for Health Development (TAI) is a national research and development institution that carries out public health research, disease prevention programmes and activities, and health promotion.

Our mission

We are a shaper of science-based healthy choices.

Our vision

The National Institute for Health Development  is a leading internationally recognised centre of excellence in public health in Estonia, working with partners to:

  • shape science-based health policy
  • promote a living environment supportive of health and well-being
  • creates and shares health knowledge

As a result, key health indicators have improved by 2025.

Our values

  • Co-operationCompetence
  • Innovation

What we do

We combine public health research and intervention activities. Read more about our activities.

Structure and governance

The National Institute for Health Development is an institution underthe Ministry of Social Affairs, with a Scientific Council as its highest decision-making body, and headed by a Director. Read more about our structure and governance.


TAI's activities are funded from the national budget, donations, income from economic activities and other external sources.


Our activities are governed by the Statutes of the National Institute for Health Development. Other relevant legislation:

The National Institute for Health Development promotes equal treatment for all, refraining from any form of discrimination, including gender discrimination, in its activities.