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Cancer control

Registries and studies

  • Maintaining the national cancer registry, which provides the basis for population-based cancer incidence and survival statistics.
  • Maintaining the national cancer screening registry, which provides data for analysing and evaluating the effectiveness and quality of screening programmes.
  • Data on cancer incidence and screening can be found in the Health Research and Statistics database.
  • Publishing the results on cancer incidence, staging and survival analyses together with interpretation in annual reports.
  • Carrying out epidemiological and register-based cancer research and collaborating with partners in Estonia and internationally.
  • The results of our studies enable the evaluation of the effectiveness of cancer control and contribute to clinical decision-making.

Cancer prevention and health policy

  • Addressing cancer risk factors, such as unhealthy diet, excessive alcohol consumption, tobacco use.
  • Development of the Estonian National Cancer Control Plan 2021–2030 and contributing to its implementation and evaluation.
  • Contributing to the development and updating of screening programmes.
  • Disseminating evidence-based information to the public, health professionals and policy makers.
  • Collaborating with different health institutions, universities, ministries and organisations in Estonia and abroad.


  • Contributing to the implementation of breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening programmes in cooperation with the Health Insurance Fund (Haigekassa).
  • Supporting the operation of mobile mammography units.
  • Promoting the implementation of HPV self-sampling as a new and reliable way to participate in cervical cancer screening.
  • Participating in feasibility and pilot studies for lung cancer screening.
  • Evaluating the implementation and results of cancer screening programmes.

Support for cancer patients

  • Supporting the prevention activities of the Estonian Cancer Society.
  • With the help of the non-profit organisation MTÜ Pallium, we will develop a network of hospitals to provide palliative care for cancer patients as close to home as possible, and hospital care for those who can no longer manage independently at home.
  • In cooperation with partners, issuing publications and leaflets.