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Pregnancy Information System

The Pregnancy Information System collects personalised data on all births, miscarriages and terminations of pregnancy in Estonia.

The information system consists of two databases: the medical birth register and the medical miscarriage and termination register.

Why is the information system needed?

  • The data allow analysis of the course and end of pregnancy (birth, miscarriage or termination), the birth rate, the factors influencing maternal and neonatal morbidity and mortality, and an assessment of the follow-up period during pregnancy.
  • The data is used to assess diagnosis and treatment.
  • The data in the information system is used for the organisation of health services and the development of health policies.
  • The data isused for the publication of statistics and for scientific, including epidemiological, studies.

What data do we collect?

  • Socio-demographic data on pregnant women
  • Pregnancy data (course of pregnancy, risk factors, artificial insemination, prenatal diagnosis, analyses and treatment, comorbidities, etc.)
  • Miscarriage or termination data (type of miscarriage or termination, method, use of contraceptives, previous births and pregnancies, etc.)
  • Birth data (course of delivery, mode of delivery, duration, complications, diagnoses and duration of treatment, etc.)
  • Data on the new-born child (condition and measurements of the child, Apgar birth rate, cord blood count, type of placentation in multiple births, procedures, screening, immunisation, feeding, co-morbidities, etc.)
  • Additional information on the preterm newborn (condition of the child, procedures and treatment, analyses, comorbidities, feeding, etc.).

Who provides the data?

  • Obstetric, home birth, gynaecology and paediatric care providers.

Publication of data

  • The Health Statistics and Health Surveys database: births and miscarriages and terminations of pregnancy
  • Statistics database
  • Short summaries (2007-2017).

Request for information

  • For statistical or non-identifiable data, send a free-form e-mail to

The Birth Register contains data since 1992. Statistics on miscarriages and terminations of pregnancy are available since 1996. Data are personalised since 15.03.2019.