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Breast and cervical cancer screening target population and coverage by examination, 2015–2016

31 AUGUST 2017

In 2016, 56.3% of women attended mammography screening, who were invited to breast cancer screening programme. The coverage by examination was even lower among women, who were invited to cervical cancer screening – 45.9%, according to data of National Institute for Health Development.

Estonian Cancer Screening Registry's 2015 and 2016 data about breast and cervical cancer screening programme target population and coverage by examination is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.



Artificial insemination, 2016

19 JULY 2017

The 2016 data of artificial insemination is published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database under the topic “Diagnostics and therapeutic procedures” (tables KV10–KV14).

In 2015, with clinical pregnancy ended 800 artificial inseminations, which is 28% of performed assisted reproductive technology (ART) cycles.

In 2016, 369 children were born via artificial insemination in Estonia according to Estonian Medical Birth Registry. It accounts 2.6% of live births. This share has remained the same as in the previous year.

Estonian State Agency of Medicines data shows that 2732 ART cycle procedures took place in 2016. Compared with 2015, it has decreased by 3.6%. It decreased most – 10.1% – for age group 41 and older. This is also age group, who has to pay by themselves for their costs of infertility treatment. Women who have medical indication and is up to 40 years old, their costs is covered by Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Most common used artificial insemination method was ICSI – 40% of all ART cycles were performed using ICSI method. Another popular method was FET – 33% of all ART cycles were performed using FET method.

Similarly to previous year, most commonly two embryos were transferred during one procedure. At the same time, the transplantation of several embryos during one procedure has decreased compared to 2015: transplantation of two embryos by 8.2% and three embryos by 16.9%. Single embryo transplantation has increased by 11.2%.

According to the Ministry of Social Affairs, artificial insemination related cost formed 1.544 million Euros total, which was 0.7% less than in 2015.



Births and abortions, 2016

12 JUNE 2017

Birth and abortion statistics 2016 is published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The Estonian Medical Birth Registry and Estonian Abortion Registry collects data about all births and abortions in Estonia.



Hospital beds, 2016 preliminary data

04 JULY 2017

Inpatient and day care beds preliminary statistics for 2016 are released. Additionally, hospital beds' data about the hospitals that belong to the Hospital Master Plan (tables HH08, RV701, RV711) are also available in the database.

According to preliminary data, 225,301 patients got inpatient care during 2016 (198,380 adults and 26,921 children); and 81,812 patients were treated in day care (72,924 adults and 8888 children). The average length of stay in inpatient care was 8.2 days and the average number of patients per hospital bed during a year (bed turnover) was 32.9. The number of day care patients has increased by 3.8%, but has decreased in inpatient care by 2.9% when compared to 2015. 



Medical devices, 2016

07 JUNE 2017

2016 data about medical devices is released in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

Until 2015, only statistics for high-tech equipment were collected from health care service providers with statistical reports. Since 2016, data about five devices have added: haemodialysis machine, barotherapy chamber, anaesthetic machine, medical ventilator and single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT). At the end of the year 2016, 138 haemodialysis machines, 3 barotherapy chambers, 186 anaesthetic machines, 330 medical ventilators and 3 SPECT machines were registered.

Comparing data with 2015, additionally 1 mammography unit, 2 radiotherapy equipment and 2 MRI scanners were in use in Estonian hospitals.