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Hospital beds, 4th quarter 2016

07 FEBRUARY 2017

Hospital beds data (including seasonally adjusted quarterly data) for the fourth quarter of 2016 are released. In addition, the number of hospitals at the end of the fourth quarter is published as well in the database.

Since there are no further significant changes in quarterly statistics of usage of hospitals beds NIHD publishes short term statistics for the last time. Further, annual statistics is available in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database under the topic ”Health care resources and their use” → ”Hospital beds – Long term statistics”. 



Health promoting institutions 2016

27 JANUARY 2017

2016 data for Health Promoting Kindergartens and Health Promoting Workplaces has added to database.

During 2016, 15 kindergartens and 16 workplaces joined with the health promoting institutions network and at the end of the year 2016 the cumulative number of health promoting kindergartens is 275 and health promoting workplaces is 257.



Malignant neoplasms, 2014

14 DECEMBER 2016

Data for registered malignant neoplasms in 2014 were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database, and data for 2000–2013 were updated. 



First data for Estonian Health Interview Survey 2014 is published

16 DECEMBER 2016

First selection of statistical data of Estonian Health Interview Survey 2014 is published. The survey subjects where new data is added next to previous survey (carried out in 2006) results are:

Additonal survey results will be published in 2017. 



Drunk drivers in charge of a motor vehicle caught by police, 2012-2015

12 DECEMBER 2016

First time statistics about drunk drivers in charge of a motor vehicle caught by police by municipalities is available in database. Data source is Estonian Police and Border Guard Board. 

Data series for 2012-2015 includes number of persons, not total number of misdeeds, penalties or punishments.