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Blood donations and use of blood components 2017

10 APRIL 2018

The 2017 data for donors and use of blood components were published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

31,734 people donated blood for 55,057 times during last year (in 2016: 33,154 and 57,789 respectively). On average, every donor donated blood 1.7 times, which has been stable in the last years. The number of first time donors was 5,084, which is 16% of all blood donors. The number of apheresis donors was 694. Apheresis procedures formed 6.3% of all blood donations in 2017 (in 2016: 5.6%).

Last year, over 16,000 blood transmissions were carried out in hospitals.




Health insurance, 2017

27 MARCH 2018

Estonian Health Insurance Fund's data of people aged 20-59 with health insurance and health insurance coverage as of 31st Dec 2017 by sex, age group and county is published in database.



Last year 14 workplace accidents occurred per day

21 MARCH 2018

In the course of last year a total of 5,184 workplace accidents occurred, i.e. 14 workplace accidents per day.

Of the 5,184 workplace accidents registered last year, 4,058 accidents resulted in employees sustaining only minor injuries. 1,117 employees were severely injured and nine people died. The Labour Inspectorate data is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The most accident-prone locations were Tallinn, Harju County and Tartu County. Most accidents abroad involving employees from Estonia occurred in Finland. The primary workplace accident risk group comprises men aged 23–34. Most of the accidents happened in the metal industry, national defence and trade.

A total of 7,464 certificates of incapacity for work were issued last year due to workplace accidents. The compensation totalled 4.4 million euros. Continue reading on the Labour Inspectorate website.



Traffic accidents with casualties, fires, deaths due to fires and drownigs 2017

21 MARCH 2018

The Estonian Rescue Board data for drownings, building fires statistics, fatalities due to fire and the Estonian Road Administration data for traffic accidents with casualties by counties in 2017 is available in database.

Data is published here.




Health promoting institutions, 2017

24 JANUARY 2018

Health promoting kindergartens, schools and workplaces network statistics for 2017 has added to database.

During 2017, 10 kindergartens, 2 schools and 21 workplaces joined with the health promoting institutions networks and at the end of the year 2017 the cumulative number of health promoting kindergartens was 285, schools 206 and health promoting workplaces was 280 in Estonia.