10 MAY 2018

The Estonian pharmacy and drug consumption statistics in 2017

In 2017 the turnover of general pharmacies was 362.6 million euros, which increased 3.3% compared to the previous year. The turnover of the other goods increased the most – 8.8% shows State Agency of Medicines data that has been published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The turnover of non-prescription medicines increased 4.4% and the turnover of prescription medicines remained the same level as the previous year. More than 10 million prescriptions were handled by general pharmacies in 2017. The turnover of hospital pharmacies increased 6.1% and was 105.9 million euros.

According to DDD/1000/day the most consumed medicines in 2017 were cardiovascular system drugs (419 DDD/1000/day), alimentary tract and metabolism drugs (170 DDD/1000/day) and nervous system medicines (123 DDD/1000/day).

Defined Daily Dose (DDD) is the assumed average dose per day for the drug used in its main indication in adults. Defined Daily Dose per thousand inhabitants a day (DDD/1000/day) expresses the proportion of the population within a defined area treated daily with certain drugs.

The statistics of pharmacies is based on reports of licensed pharmacies. Activity licences had been issued to 495 general pharmacies and 24 hospital pharmacies in 2017. Estonian drug statistics is based on wholesalers’ reports.

The 2017 turnover of pharmacies is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database tables TK30 and TK31. Statistics on consumption of medicines and prescriptions in general pharmacies (table RT01) is available here, number of pharmacies in table TTO50 and pharmacies’ personnel in table THT030.