21 MARCH 2018

Last year 14 workplace accidents occurred per day

In the course of last year a total of 5,184 workplace accidents occurred, i.e. 14 workplace accidents per day.

Of the 5,184 workplace accidents registered last year, 4,058 accidents resulted in employees sustaining only minor injuries. 1,117 employees were severely injured and nine people died. The Labour Inspectorate data is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The most accident-prone locations were Tallinn, Harju County and Tartu County. Most accidents abroad involving employees from Estonia occurred in Finland. The primary workplace accident risk group comprises men aged 23–34. Most of the accidents happened in the metal industry, national defence and trade.

A total of 7,464 certificates of incapacity for work were issued last year due to workplace accidents. The compensation totalled 4.4 million euros. Continue reading on the Labour Inspectorate website.