08 NOVEMBER 2017

Diagnostics and therapeutic procedures in 2016

Yearly data about 2016 diagnostics and therapeutic procedures were published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Radiology data are available also by Hopital Masterplan hospitals.

In two years comparison the data about procedures on interventional radiology decreased by 6%.

The number of radiological examinations has decreased but the number of patients investigated has increased by 5%.

In 2016, total number of functional diagnostics increased by 3.3% compared to 2015. It also increased per 100 patients – up to 16 examinations.

The number of computed tomography and magnetic resonance tomography examinations continued to increase like on previous years.

Total number of ultrasonography examinations increased by 0.3% compared to 2015.

An increase was registered also in total numbers as well as per 100 patients in rehabilitation procedures and in laboratory analyses, especially in immunological analyses.