24 OCTOBER 2017

Outpatient and home visits, 2016

The number of physicians and nurses outpatient visits for 2016 is published in Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

The number of physicians' outpatient visits decreased by 1.6% in 2016 compared to 2015. Paediatricians', vascular surgeons’ and rehabilitation physicians’ visits decreased the most, 11%, 8% and 7% respectively. Family doctors made 1.5% less visits and dentists made 1% more visits than in 2015.

The number of physicians' home visits is decreasing continuously. In 2016, physicians made 7% less home visits than in 2015. The family doctors made 2,600 (7%) and oncologists 500 (9%) home visits less than in previous year.

The physicians in Estonia made about 10 million outpatient visits in 2016 (visits and home visits total). The average number of visits per physician was 2,100 in 2016. However, family doctors made more than 5,100 visits on average, and the dentists about 2,200 visits.

The number of independent outpatient and home visits of nurses has increased in 2016 compared to previous year, 16% and 13% respectively. The average number of independent visits per one nurse was 368, including 294 outpatient and 73 home visits.

In Estonia, the average number of physicians' outpatient visits per one person was 8, with 3.2 visits to family doctor and 1.4 visits to dentist.