24 OCTOBER 2017

Dental visits work and visits, 2016

Data about dental visits and work in 2016 is published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database.

Last year, 1.5 million dental care visits were made in Estonia and more than 1.03 million teeth were treated. Compared to previous year, there was no remarkable change in the number of dental visits. At the same time, the number of patients who visited dentist increased by 1.2% and the number of treated teeth decreased by 2%. The average rate of dental care visits per capita was 1.1 and it has not changed significantly since the year 2009.

There was also no significant change in the number of prosthetic visits, but the number of patients who got the prostheses increased by 2%.

There has been a significant growth in orthodontic visits, which increased by 10%. In 2016, total of 147,000 visits were made to orthodontists. For the second year row, there were more orthodontic visits for adults than for children – 52% of all orthodontic visits were made by adults. The number of patients who visited orthodontists increased by almost a one-fifth – 45,003 persons visited orthodontist and about 20,000 orthodontic appliances were installed, which is 15% more than in previous year. The number of clinics that offers orthodontic treatment increased also by 6% in 2016.

The number of placed dental implants increased by 17% compared to previous year.

In 2016, there was 20,388 visits to dental hygienists, which is 12% more than the year before and about one-fifth were children’s visits.
In 2016, the number of dental X-rays was about 290,000 and it showed 2.8% increase compared to the year 2015.