04 OCTOBER 2017

Hospital and day care discharges and hospital beds, 2016

Hospital beds, 2016
Inpatient and day care beds statistics for 2016 are published in the Health Statistics and Health Research Database. Additionally, hospital beds data about the hospitals that belong to the Hospital Master Plan is also available in the database (tables HH08, RV701, RV711).

According to data, 225,445 patients got inpatient care during 2016; and 81,812 patients were treated in day care. As in previous years, the number of inpatients continued to decrease (by -2.9%) and the number of day care patients to grow (by 3.8%). The average length of stay in inpatient care was 8.2 days and the average number of patients per hospital bed during a year (bed turnover) was 32.8.

Hospital and day care discharges, 2016
Statistics for hospital and day care discharges in 2016 is also published in database. Causes of treatment are shown by age group, sex, average length of stay and county where is the health care provider's location (database tables PH01–PH4). Starting from year 2016, data on nursing care is given separately in hospital care discharges tables. In addition, acute care hospital discharges by diagnosis, age group and patient's place of residence county according to Estonian e-health records (table PH5) for 2016 is available.