The number of newborns with illness has increased

Nearly one third of newborns were diagnosed with an illness when they are born in 2016. The number of newborn illnesses increased by 3.8% compared to 2015.

Similarly to previous years, most of the illnesses diagnosed belonged to the group 'other newborn diseases', followed by disorders related to short gestation and low birth weight, and congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities.

According to the data from Medical Birth Registry, 14,002 children were born in 2016. Of those, 3,885 were born with an illness. Total of 7,242 illnesses were diagnosed. Data about incidence of newborns are available here.

Estonian Causes of Death Registry registered 49 stillbirths in 2016. Major cause of stillbirths was intrauterine hypoxia. Data about stillbirths are published here.