Dental care providers and treatment possibilities 2016

There were 533 dental care providers at the end of 2016 in Estonia, which is 14 more than the year before. One-tenth of the dental care providers offers beside dental care also other health care services. About 40% of all dental care providers are located in Tallinn and about one-tenth in Tartu.

Altogether, 7 dental care providers stopped working, and 15 started or resumed working in 2016. The number of clinics that are offering orthodontic treatment increased the most – 6%. The number of clinics that are offering dental surgery procedures increased also a bit (4,3%). Prosthetic services and clinics that have the possibility to make x-ray examinations continued to increase slightly. 97% of clinics offers only dental care, it means that 3% of dental care clinics are specialized solely in prosthetic treatment, orthodontic treatment or x-ray examinations.

Prosthetic services offered 68%, orthodontic 10%, endodontic 93%, parodontic 65%, dental surgery procedures 41% and x-ray examinations 79% of the dental clinics in 2016.

Data is available in database table TTO40.